Black Belt and Student Responsibilities

All Students Responsibilities:

1.  Students shall be loyal to their Instructor(s).
2.  Students shall be attentive at all times and help others to not distract.
3.  Students shall give 100% of their effort in class.
4.  Students shall practice what is taught. (home and at the studio)
5.  Students shall be willing and eager to participate in tournaments and other ‘organization’ activities which are offered to enhance and expand taekwondo.
6.  Students shall always follow the ‘class’ rules and ‘tenets’ of taekwondo.
7.  Students shall always have a good attitude.
8.  Students shall never tire of learning. (taekwondo or life)

All Black Belt Responsibilities:
1.  Black belts shall respect their Instructors, senior students and younger students.
2.  Black belts shall care for their organization.
3.  Black belts shall provide service to others.
4.  Black Belts shall model desired behaviors-others are watching.
5.  Black Belts shall trust their Instructors.
6.  Black Belts shall use their skills to stop conflict (non-violence means is always first) and help others less able to protect themselves.
7.  Black belts shall strive to create harmony within the organization.  The goal is mutual welfare and prosperity, not limited to a particular studio or individual.
8.  Black Belts shall have integrity.  Integrity means to behave consistently with good intentions and the best interests of all concerned, whether inside or outside the studio, with others or alone, regardless of circumstances.
9.  Having learned the meaning of taekwondo (tae (foot) kwon (fist) do (art or way/path) from their Instructors, Black Belts are expected to share their knowledge so more can benefit and grow.  They can do this through leadership in any area but most directly by teaching taekwondo.  When they teach, it is very important to credit their Instructors.  They shall preserve and enhance respect for those who made ‘the path’.
10.  Black Belts use their taekwondo knowledge as an anchor in life:  to achieve integrity thereby they can trust themselves and be respected.  Respect will enable them to encourage, coach, inspire and lead themselves and others through greater challenges to develop their ‘vision’, work toward it, realize it and go beyond it to their full potential.  TO STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE.
11.  Black Belts shall always encourage and take steps to change for the better. Lifelong improvement in taekwondo can lead to enlightenment and inner peace.